• Dolphin in Lovina Beach
  • Jatiluwih Terracering
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Lovina Singaraja Tour

Taman ayun balibali coffe plantationlovina beach dolphingitgit waterfall

North coast of Bali is famous with their black volcanic sand beach , also the spot area for watching the Dolphin in the morning. Some best panoramic view with waterfall also located around the Singaraja City, the capital of Bali and lesser Sunda during the Colonial era. Our trip will started to visit Taman Ayun Royal Temple In Mengwi ,The royal temple was built during the period of Mengwi kingdom in 19th AD and enlist in UNESCO World Heritage Site, we will continue the tour to Agro Tourism Coffee plantation to see the making process of Traditional Balinese coffee and some spices plantation as well. after visiting the coffee plantation we continue to visit Ulun Danu Temple on Beratan Lake. Read the rest of this entry »

Ubud White Water Rafting

ayung-bali-raftingubud raftingUbud-Rafting-Album-02

This wonderful adventure will started from kedewatan village where we will gather and continue the trip to the starting point in the river banks of Ayung where our Professional and certified local guide will give you the personal Protective Equipment, the paddle and the safety instruction for our safe, fun and amazing sail during the trip along the river fresh water and beautiful view,our trip will passed the river Gorge ,beautiful water fall ,tropical forest and  Ramayana story site that carve on the rock of river bank with 4 Km Journey that we  take for 3 hours amazing trip,we end our adventure with delicious Balinese buffet lunch in the restaurant if you wish before we back to your hotel we will stop in ubud traditional market where you can choice some authentic Balinese souvenir for your lovely one Read the rest of this entry »

Mount Batur Trekking

kintamani balikintamani restaurantmount batur treckingbatur tracking

Let’s immerse yourself in adventure feeling to climb the second highest peak in Bali island, where we could watch the first beautiful sunrise on island and the beauty of kintamani chaldera from the top .the trip will started 4 am in the morning from the bottom of the mount and passed through the mountain slope with our professional Local Guide who will assist us during the trip, the journey to the top approximately 2 hours. Once we arrive on the top you just need to prepare your own camera to shoot the best picture of the sunrise while our local guide will happy to prepare you the simple morning breakfast on the top of the peak with either Balinese coffee or a simple cup of tea, during the morning time we could catch up some picture from mountain monkey around our watching post and we will continue the trip to the earliest eruption spot on the mount where the lava from inside the earth still blowing out till today before our journey back down to the starting point with another track way back. Read the rest of this entry »

Bali Archeological Tour

goa gajah templepura penataran sasihgunung kawi templetegalalang bali

The Balinese unique culture lie in mists of pre historic,stone tools and other evidence of hunter gatherer culture have discover in Sembiran Area north Bali and batur area in the central highland also some of bone tools were unearthed from Selonding cave in southBali while some other evidence were discover throughout the island indicate that many earliest Balinese semi nomadic lifestyle even after the introduction of agriculture and some of those precious evidence were in good preserve in Archeological Museum in Pejeng,  Gianyar Regency. In Penataran Sasih temple Pejeng where the giant Bronze kettledrum from Dongson era is located and has the famous name as Moon Of Pejeng also mark the first wave of foreign influence on native Balinese society, the island first appear written history was dating back from 8th AD with the rise of Hindu empire in central and east java and have a strong influence to Balinese culture until today with some archeological site, temple and bathing pool still in good condition, the wave foreign influence from Java in early 9th AD brought Hindu Religion in early age of form which is mix with native Balinese Animism Religion that time and now day we could still found in some area in the island and well known as Bali Aga (Origin Bali) like Trunyan Village In Mountainous area of Kintamani, and Tenganan Pegringsingan Village in Karangasem Regency east Bali. Read the rest of this entry »

Western Central Tour

Taman ayun balitaman ayun templebedugul balitanah lot temple 0

Bedugul area in Tabanan regency is one of famous tourist destination in Bali island, the combination between Beratan lake and the twin lake ,the Buyan and theTamblingan with the green hills and fresh air weather will never unspoiled your eyes. The area is famous with their agriculture product from the strawberry, vegetables, and flowers which is the one of the economic support for the people beside tourism, beratan lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Bali island after the Batur lake and where the floating Ulun danu Beratan Temple is located, the ulun danu beratan temple is dedicated to Goddess Sri,the goddess fertility ,rice and Prosperity, The Bali Botanical garden is located in bedugul area as well and house thousand rare plants throughout Indonesian Archipelago from the low wetland plantation to highland mountainous plantation, rare orchid, cactus and some water lilies, our Tour will began from Taman Ayun Temple ,the Royal Family temple From Mengwi Kingdom Dating Back from Early 20th Century, the temple is surrounded by water lily Pool. Read the rest of this entry »

Eastern Bali Tour

kerta gosa kelungkung baligowa lawah templeTenganan village, Balitirta_gangga_water_palace_bali

Eastern Bali is the area where we could find some interesting places to discover, From the royal hall of justice that well known as Bale Kerthagosa where the ceiling of architecture are fully painting with Traditional Kamasan Painting style in Klungkung Regency .then visit the Traditional salt making process at Kusamba Village continue the tour that headed to  goa lawah Temple ( Bath Cave Temple)where we could witness a thousand of fruit bats are hanging on the slope, ceiling of the temple cave which is the bat were believe as a holy creature by local people. Tour will continue to visit Tenganan Village ,Tenganan Village is one of ancient Origin village in Bali Beside,Trunyan Village and Penglipuran Village both are located in Bangli Regency. We will see the traditional communal society of the village with the strong of ancient system of daily life and its building design. Read the rest of this entry »

Ubud Art Tour

ubud barong  baliubud monkey forestubud marketputulu village

Ubud village is the center of art  and culture in Bali island, word of ubud is derived from the Balinese word of UBad which is meaning Medicine and ubud become the cure or medicine for those people seeking the tranquility of art and Culture,ubud is surrounded by rice field ,George and river, in ubud you could fine a wide arrange of things that you need to see, from the authentic Balinese souvenir in local market, Balinese food, painting shop, Royal Palace, dance performance, cooking class and even a spa or healing treatment to rejuvenated your body and mind.first We will visited the batubulan village to see the barong dance performance it’s the wonderful dance performance its drawing giant lion played by 2 people that will against the evil spirit of rangda and the dance is showing the battle within good and bad which is influence in daily life and at the same time they dancer will performance the Keris dance, where the dancer will used the Keris (traditional Balinese dagger) to stick rangda in order to kill the evil and finally they will snub their self as they were influence by rangda magic power and continue to visit workshop of Traditional Weaving and Batik Workshop

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Kintamani Tour

goa gajah templepura penataran sasihtirta empul templekintamani bali

Kintamani tour is one of favorite tourist destination tour in Bali which is the best combination of nature beauty and rich of Balinese art &Culture, we will visit the Kintamani area to witness the beautiful panoramic view of mount and lake batur, firstly we will visit the Goa Gajah Temple (the elephant Cave)in Bedulu Villagewhich is the one of center of ancient Balinese kingdom government evidence, continue to Penataran sasih Temple where is the giant ancient Bronze drum date back from dongson era is located and the  local people call it the moon of pejeng, and then headed Tirta empul Temple that well known for local people as a place to do the cleansing and purifying ceremony. Visit agro Tourism coffee Plantation in Temen Village where we have chance to see the process of making the famousTraditional Luwak Coffee and continue the trip To Kintamani. Read the rest of this entry »